VYNFINIT® (Vintafolide) Cancer*

Designed to target the folate receptor to deliver potent chemotherapy

Vynfinit® (Vintafolide) delivers a potent vinca alkaloid chemotherapy directly to cancer cells by targeting the folate receptor expressed on cancer cells, but not on most normal cells. Approximately 80–90% of ovarian and lung cancers express the receptor, as do many other types of cancer. Folate receptor status is determined by a Folcepri® (99mTc-etarfolatide) scan.

Development Stage


Non-small cell lung cancer:

  •  This study is complete.

Advanced cancers:

  • This study is complete.


  1. * The safety and efficacy of these agents have not been established. There is no guarantee that the agents will receive regulatory approval and become commercially available for the uses being investigated.