Endocyte strives for precision in medicine

Although great progress has been made in the development of new drugs to treat cancer and other serious illnesses, it is still difficult to predict if a patient will respond positively to existing therapies. In addition, therapies are often administered at suboptimal doses because of their effects on healthy tissues.

Addressing these challenges through precision medicine has been our mission since the very beginning. Physicians aspire to treat patients with precision medicine, and Endocyte is committed to giving them the tools to do it.


Building on what we know to combine technologies in a powerful new way

Two decades of research and development in the biology of cancer and other diseases have given us a deep understanding of diseased cell biology that helps us functionally profile specific types of cells that may respond best to SMDC therapies. We pair our SMDCs with companion imaging agents with the goal of enabling timely treatment decisions for patients.

Our process matches the biology of a diseased cell with a high-affinity, small molecule targeting ligand that selectively binds to the diseased cell’s receptors. We then use proprietary linker systems to securely attach the drug to the small molecule targeting ligand, which carries the drug or imaging agent into the diseased cell.

This proprietary platform offers the opportunity to use a variety of ligands, releasable linkers, and drugs to create a pipeline of novel SMDC candidates and companion imaging agents for clinical development.

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Groundbreaking research is how we got started and it’s where we’re headed

Our technology is based on research first published in 1991. Philip Low, PhD, and Christopher Leamon, PhD, biochemists at Purdue University, were the first to discover a mechanism to exploit the folate receptors as a means to deliver bioactive molecules inside cells.

Recognizing the potential of receptor-targeted therapeutics, Dr. Low, P. Ron Ellis, and investors joined together to found Endocyte. Our management and board of directors guide our continuing research, partnerships, and drug development, including a growing pipeline of products.

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