Working together to bring precision therapies to market

Endocyte wholly owns a platform with the potential for treating a wide range of cancers. By partnering with other industry leaders, we can address the unmet medical needs of more patients, more rapidly. If you share our vision & values, contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.



Delivers A Potent Cytotoxic Agent To Cancer Cells That Express Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA)

EC1169 is an investigational, proprietary, injectable, PSMA-targeted SMDC consisting of a potent cytotoxic agent, tubulysin B hydrazide (TubBH). TubBH is a member of the tubulysin class of anti-neoplastic agents that inhibit the polymerization of tubulin into microtubules, a critical component during cell division. EC1169 is being co-developed with EC0652 as its companion imaging agent.


EC1169 recently finished enrollment in a Phase 1 trial for patients with advanced prostate cancer.



Delivers a potent DNA-reactive cytotoxic agent to folate receptor-positive cancer cells and TAMs

EC2629 is an investigational, proprietary folate receptor-targeted SMDC which utilizes a potent DNA-reactive cytotoxic agent to treat cancer. Strong anti-tumor effect has been observed preclinically in xenograft models safely treated with EC2629, including curative activity against triple negative breast cancer and drug-resistant ovarian cancer. EC2629 is unique in that it targets and eliminates both folate receptor positive cancer cells as well as the tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) that reside within the tumor environment. Preclinical development of EC2629 is currently underway with a projected IND filing in 2017.


EC2319 Folate-aminopterin

EC2319 is a novel small molecule drug conjugate (SMDC) which has been designed as a targeted treatment for inflammation-related conditions that involve activated macrophages. In an activated state, macrophages express the beta isoform of the folate receptor (FR-β) on their cell surface, which provides a highly specific target for direct treatment of these cells. EC2319 is a two-part SMDC that uses folic acid as a targeting ligand to deliver the drug aminopterin, a potent antifolate similar to methotrexate. EC2319 not only has an immune-modulatory function of FR-β expressing macrophages, it can also shut down the recruitment of their blood monocyte precursors. EC2319 targeting of inflammatory cells of the monocyte/macrophage lineage may hold promise for the treatment of many inflammation-related diseases.